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Hi, I am a thirty-year-old boy and I live with a beautiful brown little doggy named Margot. As you can see from my Resume, I have experience in z-brush modeling  and in particular with photothop for the realization of concept art and digital painting.
I have good skills in hand drawing, technical and artistic, with an emphasis on anatomy, prospective and color theory.

Drawing and painting are my world but I have had past experience with the world of 3d modeling. my previous artistic works made for the game industry are not included in my portfolio for request of the previous contract.

My past experience was as a concept artist.
Some assets after being approved by the CEO. I modeled the assets first in Maya. After sculpting details with Z-Brush. Where I projected alpha textures with spotlights.
If hi poly model was fine.
The following steps were:
Do a manual retopology to have low-poly assets.
(Sometimes I used zremesh with the guides.)

Followed by a Bake Texture.
In the end I recalled the effect of materials on Substance Painter.

My skill lies in the freehand design, sculpture and traditional painting. I'm very good at sketching characters and objects and painting hand-made textures.
I love volumetric design and the search for shape and chromatic taste.

In my past experience as a concept artist. For reasons related to the cost of development, I found myself working and discovering new solutions to exploit existing assets, modifying them, re-designing them to speed up work and cost of production.
The difference in my role was in the realization of hundreds of sketches that have created future documentation that will be realized by future 3D modelers if good results are achieved.

I used google sketchup in the comic strip if the same setting was represented by many different angles. My predisposition to the freehand design and the great design experience from the real and urbansketch has brought me a good knowledge of perspective, which is why I consider the paint prospects realized with the slats and the teams, as with the use of 3d software , something that can make them cooler and more unnatural.
This does not take the convenience and ease of drawing over a blueprint made with a 3-dimensional software.

I love drawing forever, drawing the model and copying the architecture of the city are for me very rewarding exercises, but stylistic research has been for me the most engaging thing in the study of forms such as visual perception.My main knowledge is color theory, anatomy and perspective.
I like to represent grand angular perspectives (fisheye) because I think they mirror the nature of human vision, where no line is straight and there are no parallel lines.
My reference software is photoshop and Z-brush. I love brushes, watercolor, black ink and graphite.

I have also worked in printers where I was responsible for production and printing of billboards and photo books on commission. Beyond the conceptual artist has always been my desire to work in publishing, where I hope I want to act as a full author, thanks to my previous work experience. But nowadays only work on design or color is an interesting role for me to take on technical / artistic aspects. I think my interests and my preparation may be relevant to the position of Concept Artist on your project.
I am available for an skype interview ( and i look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kind regards,

Tommaso de Felip Contact me at

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